Sunday wrap-up 30th April, 2017.

Sunday wrap-up (30th April 2017)

It’s Sunday, time to wrap-up the week!

23/04/17 [SHORT STORY]

The Yeti (a short story)


23/04/17 [POETRY]

You Only Love When You Want To Be Loved


25/04/17 [COMEDY]

Tinkers (And The Giant Slide)


26/04/17 [FLASH FICTION]

Plastic Grows On Trees (short story)


27/04/17 [COMEDY]

On The Front


27/04/17 [BLOG]

Control Your Mind And You Control The World


28/04/17 [ABSURDITY]

The Koala


29/04/17 [PROFUNDITY]

The Talk


29/04/17 [MIXTAPE]

Thank you everyone for all the love this week 🙂 If you like what I do please continue to comment, like, and share. It all helps me to continue doing what I love doing and sharing my art with you.

Selfie of Stu Mentha.

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