smilesml - The Smile

The Smile

The woman walked into the doctors office and took a seat. She was beautiful the young doctor thought, with long dark brown flowing hair, bright emerald green eyes, and an infectious smile.

‘I’m going to give you some antibiotics for that,’ he said.

‘Yes,’ the beautiful woman replied, her jaw visibly strained, saliva dripping from the corner of her mouth.

‘If you can please turn your head to the side when talking,’ added the doctor holding a bright white handkerchief to his mouth. He typed something on his computer before spinning his chair back towards the woman. ‘In two weeks the cyst should die down. I’m also going to refer your to an orthodontist.’

‘Fank yoooo,’ replied the woman.

‘I’m not going to ask you again,’ replied the doctor. ‘To the side.’

The woman turned her head to the side and could now see more clearly the crisp golden light outside through the window lighting up the last green leaves of summer. A tear fell down her cheek. The pain was unbearable. ‘Sooorry.’

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