An illustration of two dancers.

The Dance

Every now and then I hear people talk about the idea of “a soul mate” one might be “fated” to meet. But if you are one hundred percent destined to meet a soul mate, this to me is a horrible fate. For it would mean being trapped into a predetermined reality and forced to follow a script to live by. Instead, I choose to believe in this beautiful yet tragic “truth”: that everyone at some point in their lives, whether they are thirteen, thirty-five, or ninety-years old, will meet someone. Not just anyone. Someone. This person will walk into your life, suddenly, usually without warning. And yet you will feel you know them immediately. Indeed, maybe you have met them already, you will wonder? They will make the stars shine ten times brighter, they will seem to make Heaven and Earth fuse and make you question if anything was ever apart? They will make the coldest rain sweet, and the world glow as if it were always the sun. Through a simple look in their eyes, or a single world, they will convey to you one day something so grand, some nugget of eternal wisdom, that you will feel every hair on your body stand on end, every “pixel” of your being resonate so beautifully as if to sing ‘This is why I’m here! This is it!’ And while some people will be lucky enough to grab hold of this person and hold them tight as if falling on two separate bungee chords, others will discover something more tragic. That you were never destined to be with this person. Or perhaps even you were, but something went wrong. Perhaps you were only ever destined to brush fingers in the eternal dance of the universe while dancing accidentally with someone else. For a while. And although, that sounds tragic, it is actually beautiful. For anyone who has lost the grasp of another’s fingers soon realises that yes, the universe is a dance, but a dance made of many steps. And losing love makes finding love all the more magical.

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