Jewel Box

Jewel Box (2015)
Comedy/Mystery, English

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“When Doug Crapp-Abbey learns an impostor has stolen his late brother’s fortune, he takes as consolation a box of bananas, an old teddy bear, a pair of old cowboy boots, and perhaps most importantly, an old journal. Little does he know, these meagre possessions are about to spark the most thrilling adventure of his life, to the heart of rural Italy.”

#1 pick of the Prague Fringe 2015 (
“…classic British humor on parade.” – Fringe Review
“…a comedy gem” – Michael Calcott’s Fringey Bits.

Cast: Michael Pitthan, Rebecca Riisness, Jay De Yonker/Adam Stewart. #1 Pick of the Fringe 2015!

Premiered at Divadlo Kampa in Prague 2015.

Restaged at Divadlo Kolowrat 2015.