Déjà Vu

Premiered June 1st 2012, Prague Fringe Festival.


“A young couple’s love is threatened by infidelity, a vague feeling they’ve seen it all before, and the mysterious appearance of more and more oranges. Why? It has something to do with Spain. But every time they try to expose the juicy truth, all is forgotten. Why? It has something to do with…
Charming, funny, surreal… Déjà Vu is a timeless comedy you’ll want to see over and over again.”

DejaVu 000 - Déjà Vudjvu - Déjà VuDjVu2 - Déjà Vu


“A production that uses the most banal concepts, Spain and oranges, and somehow makes them eternally memorable.”

… a “wonderful piece of work.”

“Though the actors are all worthy of great praise, it is actress Šárka Vaculíková who is outstanding, even in a cast where everyone has cracking lines.”

— The Prague Post, June 2012