Jewel Box (2015)
Comedy/Mystery, English

“When Doug Crapp-Abbey learns an impostor has stolen his late brother’s fortune, he takes as consolation a box of bananas, an old teddy bear, a pair of old cowboy boots, and perhaps most importantly, an old journal. Little does he know, these meagre possessions are about to spark the most thrilling adventure of his life, to the heart of rural Italy.”

#1 pick of the Prague Fringe 2015 (
“…classic British humor on parade.” – Fringe Review
“…a comedy gem” – Michael Calcott’s Fringey Bits.

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Cat Black poster
Cat Black (2014)
Black Comedy, English

Cat Black is a new comedy from the creators of Déjà Vu and False Friends. Set in the near-distant future, a grieving neuroscientist transfers the consciousness of his beloved pet cat Tinkerbell into the body of his dead wife. However, Tinkerbell turns out to be an edgy avant-garde visual artist with a mind of her own. Will their love prevail?

‘extraordinary… superbly witty… brilliant.’ (, False Friends, Prague).”

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False Friends/Falešní P?átelé (2013)
Black Comedy/Farce, English/Czech

“A young Australian moves to Prague to be with his girlfriend, and is soon harassed by an alcoholic grouch, a hypochondriac divorcee, and a delirious young woman. All three are dead, and the Australian is the man to help them find the light. If only he could understand a word of Czech.

Sinister, surreal and side-splitting… False Friends is a new comedy from the writer of last year’s sell-out show Deja Vu.”

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Deja Vu Poster

Déjà Vu (2012)
Dramatic Comedy, English

“A young couple’s love is threatened by infidelity, a vague feeling they’ve seen it all before, and the mysterious appearance of more and more oranges. Why? It has something to do with Spain. But every time they try to expose the juicy truth, all is forgotten. Why? It has something to do with…

Charming, funny, surreal… Déjà Vu is a timeless comedy you’ll want to see over and over again.”

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