plunge bigstock Man And Woman Diving 319268 - New play, Plummet

New play, Plummet

plunge-bigstock_Man_And_Woman_Diving_319268Yes, I’ve written a new play, and this time it’s 50/50 drama/comedy. Well… I guess all theatre is technically drama… so maybe that should be 50/50 serious/funny. Either way, I think you get what I mean.

The new play is titled “Plummet” and I’ve just recently entered it into the Patrick White Playwrights’ Award (one of the biggest playwriting awards in Australia). I’ll inevitably be up against some tough competition. But, the way I see it is that you’ve got to be in it to win it, and I honestly feel that Plummet has the goods to take it out.

So what’s the play about? I can’t say too much just yet. The play title “Plummet” is a play on words, meaning to fall down quickly, and also another word for “plumbing bob”. No, not that guy named Bob that fixed your toilet last year. I mean one of those little metal things that hang on a line and help a plumber to find dead vertical.

The story involves a plumber turning up at the house of an elderly lady to install her dishwasher. She talks his ear off, in the process creating flashbacks in which she is able to step into and redirect her younger self into a better life. It’s part part dark comedy, part magical realist love story.

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of the play!

Lifted (48 Hour Film Project)

Recently I took part in the 48 hour film project in Prague. If you haven’t heard about it before, it’s a competition in which teams only have forty-eight hours to write, storyboard, film, edit and produce a short film using a genre, line of dialogue, character, and a prop provided randomly by the festival organisers.

I wrote and acted in the short film that we have titled “Lifted”. Felipe Baez, a talented new director from Brazil, directed the short, and we were joined by twelve other film enthusiasts.

It was a lot of fun to be part of the project, and certainly a challenge to write a screenplay in such a short amount of time. I admit that the finished product is certainly rough, but I’m proud of what we created. Plus, we won an audience choice award for our screening group in the competition so I guess, at least some other people, feel the same way.

Watch it and see for yourself!

Prague Post Interview!

Hey! Check this out! I’m on the radio!

This being my first radio interview I was pretty nervous I have to admit. Mind you, I wasn’t nervous all week in the run up to it, but then as soon as I sat down in that chair with my Prague Radio coffee mug in front of me, and I saw the “On Air” sign go red, I just kind of freaked out a little bit.

It was a great experience, and I’m really happy with how the interview turned out.

Here’s the link:

FALSEFRIENDS - False Friends at Prague Fringe 2013!

False Friends at Prague Fringe 2013!

FALSEFRIENDS“A young Australian moves to Prague to be with his girlfriend, and is soon harassed by an alcoholic grouch, a hypochondriac divorcee, and a delirious young woman. All three are dead, and the Australian is the man to help them find the light. If only he could understand a word of Czech.

Sinister, surreal and side-splitting… False Friends is a new comedy from the writer of last year’s sell-out show Deja Vu.”

Sweeney Todd scenic art

Check out this sneak peak of Sweeney Todd, in the background you can see my scenic art! It took two weeks but I’m happy with the results, even though it was my first time as a scenic artist. I was accompanied by the very talented artist Michael Rowland who was the stage manager of Deja Vu (if you saw the play at the Prague Fringe Festival you would have seen him dressed in black moving the characters and props around on stage into some very interesting positions!)

Wanna see Sweeney Todd? You can find more details here:

Comedy Spots!

A while ago I lent my “dulcet tones” to a comedy podcast titled “The Chop House” which has been steadily gaining followers since the first teasers were posted on YouTube at the start of year. The show has also gained some success so far in being aired on a few different British digital radio stations. I am happy to announce that I have been entered into a comedy competition along with Jim High. The animated “Wave” sketch we put our vocals to can be found on the Comedy Spots Competition page here: Feel free to vote, repost, like on YouTube and generally tell all your chums!

Watch it here:


VaclavHavel - A mirage of Havel

A mirage of Havel

VaclavHavelEarly this morning I was waiting for the tram near my home in Vinohrady, Prague when I saw a man pass me who looked just like Vaclav Havel.  I felt I  had to readjust my eyes, to make sure I was seeing things clearly. He was wearing a blue suit and carrying a suitcase in his right hand. But you see, it wasn’t just that he looked like Havel, but he had something about him – an air of intellect mixed with a beautiful childishness. As he walked, I noticed he had the same kind of bumbling gentleness about him too. A car jutted out of a driveway and Havel mosied around it offering no apologies and expecting none either. The tram arrived right at that moment and as I stepped onto it I then realised I would get the chance to take a proper look at the man again as the tram caught up with him and passed him. But instead, I turned my back and looked the other way. Who knows, maybe it really was Havel, having returned from a giant vortex in the fabric of time, from the same parallel dimension where Einstein and Da Vinci are still living and breathing. Maybe, or maybe not. At least in my imagination this will always be the case.