pizza - No Mind

No Mind

WOMAN 1: What would you like?
WOMAN 2: Money, fame, my cellulite to be magically zapped into oblivion, a walk in wardrobe filled with shoes… No! A whole house… No! A mansion! Filled with shoes… and a man, yes, a gorgeous hunk of a man who just completes me, you know? Like, I could look into his eyes, and just not have to even think anymore…
WOMAN 1: I completely understand. But for the time being, what would you like here and now, at Chuck E. Cheese’s?
WOMAN 2: Live in the present right?
WOMAN 1: Something like that, yeah.
WOMAN 2: You’re right. Gotta live in the moment. No mind… No mind… That’s what the Zen Buddhists say anyway. Oh, you’re completely right. I’ve got to stop thinking about material desires, start thinking more about what I really want in life spiritually…
WOMAN 1: [CLEARING THROAT} So, what will it be then?
WOMAN 2: Super Combo pizza please.

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