7 Time Management Tips When You Are Running Out Of Time - No Break

No Break

[A MANAGER stands before a throng of employees in the office of a large call centre.]
MANAGER: Good news everyone! The CEO has decided to outsource all of your breaks to India!
EMPLOYEE 1: Breaks? But what does that mean?
MANAGER: You know… you’re lunch breaks, toilet breaks, smoking breaks, sick leave. It’s all gone! Sent to India. Isn’t that great?
EMPLOYEE 2: We don’t get any breaks at all?
MANAGER: No, not one single break. You’ll get here at 8am from now on and you’ll just work straight through to 6pm. How’s that? There will be nothing to distract you anymore. You can just get on with your work in peace.
EMPLOYEE 2: What! This is ridiculous!
EMPLOYEE 3: How can someone else have our breaks?
MANAGER: It’s quite simple really. You see, it’s cheaper to pay an employee in India to have your breaks for you. They’ll do everything – they’ll eat your lunch, go to the toilet for you, or even recover from a sickness.
[Lots of hushed discussion between the employees.]
EMPLOYEE 1: I’m not sure if I agree with this.
EMPLOYEE 3: It’s wrong!
MANAGER: And what would you all rather? That the CEO outsourced you’re jobs completely? [the crowd falls silent] No… No, I didn’t think so.
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