nick cave - Nick Cave's work ethic

Nick Cave’s work ethic

Nick CaveI take a lot of inspiration from Nick Cave. I have a lot of trouble with discipline for and I can therefore learn a lot from Cave’s work ethic. Cave treats writing as a 9 to 5 job, and this approach has made him incredibly successful. His idea is that ideas do not come out of nowhere, but from working hard at it. Nothing appears from thin air. Indeed, I agree that creativity does not come completely from nothing, but personally I like to think it’s a combination of inspiration and work. What I love about Cave is his humility. He works hard, and attributes his success to this. It is interesting that the word genius comes from the word genie, and also from jinn (the invisible ghost-like people of the Arabic world) who are credited for the seeming genius that some artists seem to pluck out of nowhere. In the romantic era especially, genius was something that helped to create humility. It was not necessarily the writer or artist themselves who were to be applauded for such brilliance, but they were the channels of something more divine. An artist can never be a genius – they have a genius.

Nick Cave’s genius is created from hard work. It is through this ethic that he channels his own creativity. And he therefore doesn’t sit around waiting for inspiration to come to him. He goes after it, which is to be admired. I’ve been watching a lot of interviews of Nick Cave on YouTube recently, and I found one in which he talks about life in Berlin, Paul McCartney writing his lyrics on toilet paper, and buying his first desk. He also talks about how he approaches music as a writer and not a musician, which is something that I find really interesting because I like to play guitar and to be honest I have never really thought of myself as a musician but always as a writer foremost. Cave gives me a lot of inspiration to keep writing music for the purpose of story telling. Cave is certainly a prolific artist, novels, poetry, music, films.

I haven’t blogged on this website for about a month, and the reason is that I’ve had blogger’s block, but also because I’ve been focusing on many things at the one time. I have just created the basis of a theatre company in Prague called “Wild Mint Productions”, and so I have been working very hard on this, as well as writing the script for the play “Deja Vu” which i have applied to perform in the Prague Fringe Festival 2012. Fingers crossed that the application is approved! 😀 So I have been working hard, and the blog has fallen a bit behind. Part of what I learn from Nick Cave is how to balance doing many things. Obviously Nick Cave is diversely talented, but he focuses on one thing at a time and that seems to be his secret. In the last month I believe I’m finally getting the hang of doing the same thing. If I put my energy into too many things all at once, it’s like juggling 7 balls and I end up dropping everything, but if I just juggle one thing at a time (well it’s not really juggling anymore) and I don’t drop it.

Here is the video:

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