An illustration of a civet.

You Musk Try It!

[A well-dressed man walks into a large department store. He looks a little lost. A shop attendant approaches him with a beaming smile.]

Woman: Hello, how may I help you today?

[The man checks a list of paper in his hand.]

Man: I’m looking for … rotten whale vomit, the fossilised urine of a prairie dog, the anal excretions of a tropical cat, and preferably some prehistoric tree tears please.

Woman: I have just the thing! [She sprays a a little perfume bottle at the man but gets him right in the eyes.] How’s that?

Man [blinded, fumbling]: Coffee?

Woman: I’ve only just met you.

[The man takes a good sniff of a jar of coffee beans.]

Man: I dare say, it smells a little … mossy.

Woman: I’ll make a note of it.


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