An illustration of a Dutch windmill.

Model Windmills


[Knock at the door. A young woman (an ARTIST) opens the door to see a young man (a MODEL). The artist ushers him inside.]

MODEL: Where do you want me?

ARTIST: [She gestures for the model to take his place on the sofa on one side of the studio.] Just over there, thanks.

[The artist sets up her easel.]

ARTIST: Have you been modelling for long?

MODEL: Not really, no.

ARTIST: So please, to start with, just get comfortable. I’m looking for something very natural. Yes, just place your clothes on the footstool there. Don’t be shy.

[The model starts to undress. Meanwhile, the artist busies herself with readying her paints, and brushes, and canvas. The camera moves so that only the artist is visible, not the model or her painting.]

ARTIST: Great. That’s it. That’s fantastic.  And the pants, right … Underpants. You certainly are comfortable! Now, if you can stand on one leg for me. Excellent. Turn your head to the right. Legs akimbo. Cough. Well done. Now just lean forward slightly. Brilliant. Remember, natural. Bend backwards now. More, more … More … Tilt your head back to the roof. Yodel. Again. Now, turning to me, over the shoulder. Thanks. Move your hips in a slow circle. No, facing me. Still yodelling, please. Yes. Now sit back on the couch. Great. You can stop singing now. That’s really great. Make a “V” shape if you can with your legs up in the air. That’s excellent. And just turn that “V” 180 degrees to your right. … Legs straight please … Right leg on the sofa. A little wider. Left straight up. That’s perfect. Anyone would think you’ve been doing this forever. Really, well done. Arch your back a little more for me? Fantastic. That helps a lot. Hold that. Now slowly turn. Keep turning …


[On the artist’s easel is a painting of a large windmill.]


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