Mermaid illustration by Edmund Frederick - Mermaids


In the pitch black of night, in the middle of the Atlantic, a ship is burning, sinking. The captain is trying to get everyone into lifeboats. There is an explosion. The last men in the last lifeboat yell out to the captain “Come on! We have room!” He turns his back. He’s made his decision.
Accepting this the crew are lowered and safely paddle away, and as the ship resigns into the sea the captain too resigns to his fate. Then, as he is drifting underneath the surface, he feels a shark brush against his leg, and then music, beautiful music like he has never heard before. He snaps out of his reverie and sees that the shark is swimming surrounded by neon jellyfish spiralling around it. They lead the captain into a small rock underwater crevice, he follows them, and is lead into a large crystalline ballroom. A beautiful mermaid kisses air into his lungs, and she says, “Blooobbb blooob blooobbb blooodbbbbb…”
“Sorry” what was that?” replies the captain.
Again the mermaid repeats, “Blooobbb bobobobloo
My god she’s beautiful the captain thinks. They dance for a while amid a crowd of sea anemones and merpeople looking on – all nodding their hands and waving their many arms and fins in harmony… in approval. In fact, dancing with a mermaid is a kind of agreement, like seeing a woman’s ankles in the 1800s – you must marry. They say their vowels  underneath a giant coral cliff that is covered at it’s top with glowing starfish, that may as well be stars.
That night, they make love upon the sea floor protected by a ring of hammerhead shark. The shimmering of the moon penetrates the water. And then in the morning, the mermaid awakes to find the captain is dead.
It was the most beautiful day of his life, Thank god he went down with his ship.

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