Underwear on the washing line - Knicker Knocker

Knicker Knocker

Underwear on the washing line 1024x538 - Knicker Knocker[A young TEENAGE BOY is standing underneath a hills-hoist Australian clothes line nervously about to undo a pair of knickers from the line. A middle-aged man appears from on the balcony of the household.]
MAN: Oy! What are you doin’!?
[The teenager freezes, like a deer caught in the headlights.]
TEENAGE BOY: Nothing. Um… I’m lost.
MAN: You were pinchin’ those knickers weren’t ya?
MAN: You gotta bloody ask first!
TEENAGE BOY: Oh? Um… Can I please borrow your wife’s knickers?
MAN: She’s not my wife. How long do you need ‘em?
TEENAGE BOY: A few days?
MAN: Yeah, alright. Just bring ‘em back Thursday then. She’ll be right.
TEENAGE BOY: Thank you.
[The teenage boy quickly takes the knickers off the line and jumps over the fence.]
MAN: [SHAKING HIS HEAD] Kids nowadays. No manners.
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