Harald Hardrada window in Kirkwall Cathedral geograph 2068881 - King Harold

King Harold

[An Old English battleground, King Harold is engaged in a scuffle with a couple of Norman knights, but after dispensing of both of them takes a moment amid the surrounding skirmishes to briefly recover. A young English knight taps him on the shoulder. King Harold turns around to reveal a large arrow sticking out of his eye.]
KNIGHT: Um, King Harold, I think you’ve got something in your eye.
KING HAROLD: Oh, really?
KNIGHT: Yes, an arrow.
KING HAROLD: [feeling it for the first time] Well how on Earth did that get there! Who would’ve thought this “warring” business would be so dangerous hey?
[A French knight comes out of nowhere and thrusts a large sword through Harold’s stomach.]
KING HAROLD: Aaaargh!!!
KNIGHT: King Harold! NO!
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