sparrows - Idea For A (Surrealist) Film

Idea For A (Surrealist) Film

Black and white photos slapped on mahogany,

She tells him, ‘I never loved you.’

And after she leaves, having closed the door softly behind her,

The man calmly opens his office window,

And jumps,


And when he hits the ground he breaks

Into a swarm,

Of sparrows,


The man and the woman fuse together,

Like drawings on tracing paper

Running, Upon one another,

Till they are

One spirit in another,

Like a man in a woman.


In a quiet moment,

He says,

‘There is no distance between things.

No distance between people.

Just everything, clear.’

Nothing touched, untouched.

‘Just everything, clear.’


The man and the woman kissing, embracing. Everything slows down then restarts.

They go backwards in fast motion.

To where he is running backwards away from her.

Elastic band.

Kaleidoscope spinning, African music, singing, vase smashing …

Man and woman flying across the sky like a ghost.


Into sparrows.

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