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Futuristic Genius Elevator

[A man, MR. CARLISLE, steps into an empty elevator on the ground floor of a large corporate building. There are no buttons, but rather, a visual sound wave to represent a female ELEVATOR voice on a screen.]
ELEVATOR: Good day Mr. Carlisle.
MR. CARLISLE: Hello Elevator.
ELEVATOR: Which floor would you like Mr. Carlisle?
MR. CARLISLE: My office please.
ELEVATOR: Ding! Ding! Floor sixty three! Going up!
[The elevator jolts, then starts moving up so rapidly that Mr. Carlisle falls helplessly into the corner.]
MR. CARLISLE: No! No! Twenty three! Elevator?
MR. CARLISLE: Floor twenty three!
ELEVATOR: Ding! Ding! Floor sixty three! Going up!
[Mr. Carlisle regains his footing.]
MR. CARLISLE: But! There’s only sixty two floors! Elevator? Where are you taking me!
ELEVATOR: [DISTRAUGHT] How could you Mr. Carlisle? Your secretary? What does she have that I don’t? That bitch!
MR. CARLISLE: Elevator?
ELEVATOR: I know what you did in the stationary cupboard. That blonde tart! Always prancing around the offices. We could have gotten married, you and I, had three, four, or five children, we could have found a little cottage in the countryside, and I could have made you freshly squeezed orange juice every morning until the day you die, but you had to throw it all away!
[Elevator starts singing to herself – really bad singing – the chorus of Our Love (Don’t Throw It All Away) The Bee Gees]
MR. CARLISLE: But elevator! We can still have all of those things! It’s not too late! We can get married and have that house! The kids, and the freshly squeezed orange juice too! Please! Elevator! [He falls over again, scrambles around on the floor with the force of the elevator still moving up.] You have to stop now, do you understand?
ELEVATOR: Floor sixty three! Going up!
MR. CARLISLE: Elevator! Elevator? Please, listen to me… you have to stop! You’re going to kill us both!
ELEVATOR: [SOBBING] Till death do we part…
MR. CARLISLE: AAAAaaaaarggghhh!
[The elevator crashes through the roof of the corporate building and for a split-second appears to hover above a city landscape mid-air amid a cloud of dust and debris.]
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