No doubt, writing a novel or script can be tough-work. Are you in need of an editor? Let me help you machete the creative jungle, and break free of the vines of distraction. Let me help you see the light again through the canopy!

Why pick me?
Okay, so I could tell you all the usual mundane stuff … I have a degree in Professional and Creative Writing, I’ve written four sell-out theatre plays, I’ve been on the cover of the Prague Post and on Czech and London radio … but what you really want to know is what makes me different, right?

There are a thousand different editors out there and you want the best of the best to handle your baby. Not only that, but you want someone with empathy, clarity, honesty, who will be even more of a perfectionist that you are, and who will be just as gentle as they will be firm.

I’m your man.

I offer two types of editing: copy editing (the finer details, fixing grammar, typos, fact checking, and proofreading), and developmental editing (helping you with the big picture, adjusting characterisation, and plot for example.)

I have ten years experience working as a writer, novel editor, proofreader, and creative producer. My years of experience as a playwright in particular have provided me with a unique toolbox with which to help writers approaching any creative project. My latest play premiered in a palace across the road from where Mozart premiered Don Giovanni in Prague). Yes, a palace! My background in theatre makes me a specialist in plot, comedy, and dialogue with a deep understanding of these elements that I feel a lot of other editors just don’t have.

Better yet, I know what it’s like to painstakingly chip away at a novel or theatre script for months, even years on end. Let me help you to craft a manuscript that won’t be ignored, but will be taken notice of. Let me turn your frustration into contentment, anxiety into confidence, your fear of rejection into acceptance of the path, your fear of criticism into rhino skin, your confusion about what editing you need into confidence stepping forward.

I love helping writers not only to improve their manuscripts but to improve their careers. That’s the thing I get a kick out of the most. I won’t just edit your manuscript and say good riddance, I’ll be your partner in crime. The editor-writer partnership should be a sacred bond. After all, Hemingway owed much of his success to his editor. And I’m in it for the long-haul, because I want to see you succeed not only with your manuscript but as a writer, whether you want to write the next Great Gatsby or you’re writing for pure enjoyment alone.

US English? UK English? As an Australian, I feel like I’ve always had a foot in both worlds, and after living as an expat in Prague for eight years surrounded equally by Czechs, Brits, and Americans, I’m pretty sure I can handle whatever language quirks you can throw at me.

What you get:
I won’t just edit your document, I’ll also provide a couple of pages of notes on how to improve your manuscript. Aside from correcting typos and grammar, a good editor doesn’t rewrite your work for you, and you shouldn’t want that. Instead, a good editor suggests changes and guides you through the process. I use “track changes” in Microsoft Word. If you’ve never used this feature before, don’t worry, it’s relatively easy and I’ll be happy to help you out.

Convinced yet?
I get it. I’m some guy you stumbled upon on the Internet. I’ve been through the editing process as a writer myself. So if you like, I can do a sample edit for you, the first 1,000 words of your novel at a fixed price ($10USD). Just head over to my Fiverr profile to see what I have to offer. Let me prove to you how good I am. Just be prepared for the manuscript to come back with multiple edits! Indeed, I am known for bring incredibly thorough. I go the extra mile. If you are then happy with this initial sample we can discuss the complete manuscript.

Editing costs will vary depending on the progress-level of your novel, so if you’d like to just jump right it in, I’ll also need you to send me a sample and I’ll get back to you with a quote ASAP.

Any questions, please get in touch!


I am committed to completing all work to the highest standard and understand revisions may be necessary. I will therefore make any amends that are in line with the original project description for free.


E-mail: Gmail