First Tumblr Post

Hey there! This is my first post on Tumblr! Let’s hope it’s the first of many 🙂 Here you can expect to find my original micro-fiction, micro-scripts and maybe some poetry too. Most of what I will write will be comedy, but I make no promises (as I have been known to be serious from time to time.)

If I have set this thing up properly then this Tumblr blog ( should be linked to my WordPress blog here:

“What’s this?” You might ask. “Two blogs! Sacrilege!”

Well… at least let me explain… please… This Tumblr blog is devoted to creative examples of my writing, while on you can discover not only the wonder of my creative “genius”, but updates on my writing and productions in general too. Of course, I recommend following both 🙂

So, here’s to a brand new blog!
Cheers big ears! (seriously, that’s just an Aussie slang thing, no insult intended).

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