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First Date

[A well-dressed man, KEN, runs up to a well-dressed woman, SAL, on an urban street in the evening, bunch of roses in his hand.]
SAL: Hi Ken!
KEN: Hi Sal! Sorry I’m a little bit late. You’re looking ravishing!
SAL: Thanks
[Sal punches Ken hard in the face.]
KEN: What was that for?!
SAL: Sorry, are you okay? I’m so sorry… I just wanted to know…
KEN: Know what?
SAL: If you’re a secret agent.
KEN: [REALIGNING HIS JAW] What? Like, if I defended myself that would be evidence?
SAL: It was either that or tying you up to a large piece of chipboard and then starting up a hand saw which would slowly move towards your groin, giving you just the amount of time to use whatever fancy gadget you would need to uncut the ropes.
KEN: You made the right choice. [He hands her the bunch of roses.] So… Shall we go see the movie now?
SAL: The latest James Bond?
KEN: How about a romance?
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