VaclavHavel - A mirage of Havel

A mirage of Havel

VaclavHavelEarly this morning I was waiting for the tram near my home in Vinohrady, Prague when I saw a man pass me who looked just like Vaclav Havel.  I felt I  had to readjust my eyes, to make sure I was seeing things clearly. He was wearing a blue suit and carrying a suitcase in his right hand. But you see, it wasn’t just that he looked like Havel, but he had something about him – an air of intellect mixed with a beautiful childishness. As he walked, I noticed he had the same kind of bumbling gentleness about him too. A car jutted out of a driveway and Havel mosied around it offering no apologies and expecting none either. The tram arrived right at that moment and as I stepped onto it I then realised I would get the chance to take a proper look at the man again as the tram caught up with him and passed him. But instead, I turned my back and looked the other way. Who knows, maybe it really was Havel, having returned from a giant vortex in the fabric of time, from the same parallel dimension where Einstein and Da Vinci are still living and breathing. Maybe, or maybe not. At least in my imagination this will always be the case.

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